Who We Are

As individuals, that’s something we spend our lives trying to answer, but a company is different. A company needs a vision to guide its purpose and a mission to fill a specific need. In order to succeed in the market place, a company must have a clear and concise vision that people can identify with and a standard by which others follow.

Our company was created with the sole purpose to provide the knowledge to help people transform their lives and the tools to help them do it. This is the inspiration that drives us and the idea that we have come to build our reputation on.

In our store, we offer our customer's unique fitness products that are based on cutting-edge innovation and technology in the way that they perform and the way that they are made. Our informational websites are designed to provide the knowledge so that people can put those products to use, make them more effective and provide better long-term results.

We believe we need to empower the individual, to help our community, and in that way we change the world.


The My Fitness Network Family of websites:

Love My Gym™ – Helping individuals become physically fit through exercise and leading a healthy lifestyle.

Love My Yoga™ – Dedicated to the practice of yoga and enlightening others about its benefits.

Shop My Fitness™ – Online fitness store that provides the tools to accomplish your personal goals.


1% For the Planet
As a 1% for the planet member, we have commited to give one percent of our revenue to non-profit organizations working for a healthy planet. Funds flow directly from us to the organizations of our choice; 1% cetifies each member' giving annally. To learn more about 1% for the planet click here.




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