Knee to Chest Pose

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Apanasana is a yoga pose that stretches your lower back, and provides relief to your body which may be tired after a set of backbends.  "Apana" refers to the prana, or enegy of your digestive tract that aids in purification and the elimination of toxins.  Yoga theory holds that the seat of the mind is in the digestion, and as such this pose lends clarity to the mind


How to: Knee to Chest

Start with a sitting position on the ground with your feet flat, spaced at a distance greater than your hips-width. While inhaling, bring your arms forward. While exhaling, let your torso fall slowly to the ground and lie flat on your back.

Now increase the length of your torso by extending your arms further. After that, pull in your knees close to the chest and clasp them with your extended hands. You should look as if you are hugging your knees. Your shoulder blades should be relaxed and collarbones should be spread wide.

Now rock your body from one side to other as your relax your lower back. You should insert your chin in between your knees in order to protect your posterior neck. You may also use a blanket beneath your head if you experience a bit too much discomfort during the rocking portion of the pose.


Benefits of Knee to Chest

Following are the benefits of the Knee to Chest if done on a regular basis:

  • Eliminates painful lower back.
  • Removes the gastro-intestinal pain, and the physical pain associated with menstruation.
  • Relieves constipation.
  • Reduces tension in the lower back and aids in removing the sciatic nerve pain.
  • Helps resolve Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).


For new students to yoga, Apanasana is a great yoga pose to treat problems related with digestion and bowel moments. Many beginners are advised to master this yoga pose for enhancing the bowel moment. You can make the pose easier by adding a thick blanket beneath your head if you have trouble while rocking or pulling in your legs.  Elimination and healthy digestion are essential to a healthy body and mind, and these benefits are emphasized in hatha, or "physical" yoga philosophy.

The athletes or advanced yogis find Knee to Chest Pose beneficial for removing the tension in their backs. They may bring the legs one by one instead of bringing them together if they have more tension in one of their legs. The pose can be deepened by making the rocking movement slow and gradual. To experience the full stretch, you should lay down on your back, one vertebra at a time.

Do not try this yoga pose if you are suffering from one or more of the following problems or conditions:
Tights hips or discomfort in buttocks.

  • Injury in knee.
  • In third trimester of pregnancy.


Rock and roll in Knee to Chest yoga pose as you get rid of back pain.