My Yoga Family

Your family is the center of your life and yoga helps you stay centered for them. My yoga family is all about how to get more yoga into your busy days, whether or not you actually make a class, and how you can share the powerful practice of breath centered mindful movement with every member of your family in a fun, engaging way that nourishes them and supports your practice. From relationships to kindness, yoga philosophy around your house to yoga practice at home and on the go - even how to keep yourself safe and injury free, My Yoga Family is your resource for bringing yoga home.

Yoga is a way of Life

An acrobat. An enchanter. Worse still, a magician – is what many people end up thinking about Yogis (practitioners of Yoga). Well, Maharshi Mahesh Yoga, Ma Nirmala Devi, Swami Shivanandji and Padma Vibhushan B.K.S. Iyengarji maybe called yogis par ...

Yoga for Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a disorder characterized by lack of coordination between thought, words and deeds or actions. It is a psychotic ailment which medical practitioners say cannot be diagnosed completely. However, I believe, based on my work on schizophr...

Yoga for Autism

Autism is a neural condition which affects children usually around the age of three. It is characterized by social malfunctioning and repetitive behavior. Autistic people show signs of compulsive behavior, stereotypy, restrictive behavior and even se...

Yoga and Lifestyle

Yoga works like an elixir in today’s sedentary lifestyle. In a fast-paced technological age, yoga alone has the power to heal, internally and externally, holistically and at a micro-level. All you need is the right trainer, guru and healer. So how ...

Yoga's Independence Day: Kaivalya

The Fourth of July is generally accompanied by serious BBQ-ing, way too many flyers in the newspaper, sales galore, and extra hours in the mall. Let's face it: it's hard to focus on the historic context of the day. But, if we choose to, we can take a moment to reflect on the meaning of the day a nation stood up for its rights and fought for its freedom.

Yoga For Menstruation

Women go through major changes in three stages of their lives- puberty, pregnancy and menopause. Learn what yoga poses my help during a menstrual cycle to get used to the hormonal changes within the body.

Yoga A Pre-Natal Workout

Pregnancy is an important milestone in a woman’s life. Learn how yoga can help you to stay healthy both physically and mentally and become in tune with the changes in your body during pregnancy.

Yoga As A Post-Natal Workout

Yoga is meant to be a ‘union’ of body, mind and soul. Learn how to get back into both physical and mental shape after the birth of your child.

Yoga During Menopause

Menopause can bring a lot of changes in women-hot flushes, high blood pressure, heaviness in the breasts, headaches, insomnia, obesity. Learn how yoga can help you mange the physical and mental changes of menopause.

Yoga Asana Competition: Coming Soon to an Olympics Near You

Years of training behind them, competitors bow to the judges with Namaste hands and perform their routines: five compulsory poses, and two additional poses of their own choosing, as they compete for the title of champion. Medals are handed out: gold, silver, bronze. Group hugs, tears and congratulations, a group photo for the press. Ah yes, competition is alive and well in the wonderful world of … yoga?